Numis Network: Depreciating Dollar, Buy Silver...

By Paul McBride

With The Numis Network, for the first time ever, ordinary people who collect silver and gold coins can now leverage the power of network marketing to earn a residual income as well as collect an appreciating asset.

Additionally, in these turbulent economic times, many experts in wealth creation are strongly encouraging their clients and the general public to invest in bullion, coins, numismatic coins and other things of real value. Read "Prophecy" by Robert Kirosaki, better known as the author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" as well as other people who are speaking out: Mike Maloney, Glen Beck, Peter Schiff, Etc.

So what is Numis Network all about? It's the business of collecting money. Distributors and customers who subscribe receive a collectible silver or gold coin on a monthly basis. These competitively priced coins are graded by ANACS with a MS70 certification which is the highest grade possible in numismatics. This is like a forced savings account that historically has gone up in value.

Numis Network launched in August 2009 marketing precious metal coins. This is a fresh new approach in the network marketing industry and the company will pick up some momentum based on their unique product. Will Numis Network be able to sustain this momentum long term? From what I have seen thus far, Numis Network has attracted some of the industry's top players and there is some momentum.

The Numis Network was formed by Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent, and Jake Kervorkian each with significant experience in the Network Marketing industry. They also have a company called IDSTC, which provides technology and software for the direct selling industry. Mike Mezack, a prominent expert numismatist, has sold over a billion dollars worth of coins through direct sales, and is well known from his Coin Expert show on the Home Shopping Network.

Of noteworthy interest to me was the product itself has intrinsic value. That is, the coins themselves have the value of the Silver, Gold, and Platinum they are made from, regardless of their value in the international collectors markets.

The collector's value is an additional facet of interest since, historically speaking, Numismatic Coins have increased in value in years gone by.

Potentially, the product's value as a collectibles could actually increase in value over time. Does you Juice do that?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity when a company combines such a unique product with this level of desirability. The products ability to increase your financial base with the product itself plus the residual income has created such explosive growth. Think about how most of people collect debt. Do what the wealthy do and collect assets.

In the unlikely event the market tanks in numismatic coins you can write off the loss on your income taxes. Do you depreciate the value of your health products?

The numismatic industry worldwide is a 100 billion dollar industry. The other trend is the MLM industry is about the same size and with over 200, 000 people a week joining an mlm that are looking for additional income, which positions you in front of emerging trends for success.

There is no better home based business than Numis Network, they are taking advantage of these two trends in a major way. It is the only home based business that I have seen that has a product that everyone wants, everyone needs, and you can never have too much of it. This is one product that you want to have a garage full of. If you are going to sell something why not sell money? And if you are going to collect something why not collect MONEY? Real Money? Silver and Gold.. - 31405

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What Are Old Coins Worth?

By Pete Marks

Many coin collectors collect old coins for a lot of reasons. A lot of people collect coins as a hobby and others will collect coins for their new numismatic value or metals. Regardless coin collectors often find collecting coins rewarding and fun.

Often people will collect coins from one country or region and others will just collect coins made of certain metals or from a certain era. Some collectors just collect any old coins and others will only collect mint coins.

Coin values are determined by many factors such as age, condition and where it was minted. In recent months many collectors are snapping up the more valuable mint coins and driving up the value of old coins because most coins contain precious metals such as gold and silver.

Many people will often purchase their coins from a local coin dealer. Your best deals can often be found online and at auctions sites. There are benefits to either buying from a local dealer or from purchasing online.

The main benefit of collecting old coins from a dealer or local shop is you get to the see the coin up close. Another advantage you have is you are less likely to find a fake coin locally. When you deal locally with a local coin dealer or shop you often develop a relationship of trust in the dealer will often keep you informed of certain coins he knows you enjoy collecting.

That numerous benefits to collecting coins online from auction sites often outweigh the benefits of collecting or purchasing coins from your local coin shop or dealer. I then you'll find auction prices are reasonable and unacceptable way of determining current coin prices without paying a premium. You will also likely find that hard to find coin that may complete your collection you can't find your local dealer for coin shop.

With purchasing coins online it may be a little trickier but once you've established a relationship with an online coin shop or a specific auction seller you'll often find that purchasing from that source again is rather easy. Many auction sites online rate their sellers so therefore you are more likely to have an idea if you're dealing with a reputable seller. Also many online sellers usually have a reasonable refund policy so you can return any use for old coins that do not arrive in the condition as advertised. - 31405

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Invest In Professional Coin Collecting Software

By James Dean

Most of us know at least one person who engages in coin collecting. Whether as a hobby or a serious investment, collectors derive much pleasure from it. Collectors who view their collection as an investment will focus their collecting habits on the valuable of the coins and hope to exchange their profits.

For those that are considering taking up this hobby, they should be aware that it will consume much of their time. At this point in time, there are over a million choices of coins for collectors to collect. Coin collectors could chose to collect Statehood Quarters, international coins, rare coins and limited edition coins. Even though any coin can technically be collected by a coin collector, many hobbyists and investors choose to stick with valuable coins.

It is the search for these limited edition coins that takes up so much of the collector's time. Something that is very important in this hobby is purchasing. With coin collecting, the key is to fully understand exactly how to expand your collection with valuable coins. While the internet is always a valuable resource, it is best to begin by seeking out a professional coin dealer.

For many novices in the collecting crowd, the next major worry becomes which coins they should add to their collection to boost its value. Of course, this is why coin collecting software can help by performing one simple task. That unilateral goal is to make the software simple for everyone to use.

Something that many people worry about is the price of the software. Many download and enjoy coin collecting software that is free, though they are dismayed to find out that the free versions are not as functional as the paid versions. Often the only "perk" of a free program is that they offer a way to get started for the true beginner, by providing a list of coins to examine. Of course, a coin collector can always enjoy the "benefit" of checking the coins off as he or she adds them to the collection. For a small price, typically less than $70, the serious collector can invest in a superior professional program instead.

Quality and difficulty of paid coin collecting software varies, but it is rare that someone will actually be unhappy with a purchase. For professional grade programs, you get the additional perk of knowing how much value the coins you add to your collection cost. Since the values of coins depend on a number of factors in a fickle market place, the paid programs normally include the feature of automatic update to keep the values on track.

As mentioned before, coin collecting software should be considered by anyone who collects coins, regardless of their skill level. Many people remain unsure about this decision, until they actually explore the possibilities that exist in this software. As many coin collectors begin unsure, they spend time finding out what's available through online research, and are glad they did. - 31405

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How To Sell Your Gold Online And Get The Absolute Best Prices

By Jeremy Islandor Jenklyn

If you are looking to sell gold jewelry for money there are 2 things that you need to think about before plunging in. Gold at this time is near all time highs with the demand still accelerating. Pros don't see any hint of the demand reducing. Selling gold is a good selection at the moment since you can get a good return on your first investment. Naturally none of that does you any good if you do not know where to sell to. One of the largest reason people have got more avid on selling their gold nowadays, is that the value of gold is near all time highs now. At over $930 an oz, it has entrapped many that are having hard times to dump their gold jewellery for some straightforward money. Because there's such a demand now, many new gold shoppers have turned up promising fast cash for gold. And that is the reason why you need to take care and do your analysis before deciding who to sell to. The bulk of those firms don't have your own interests in mind. If you play your cards right, you can get a great return on your gold jewelry.

It might be annoying to find somebody to purchase your vintage or damaged pieces if you are trying to sell to the normal places like jewelers or pawnshops. This is because those vintage pieces only appeal to a particularly little select set of folk and if it is damaged most shops won't wish to go through. The initial place many individuals consider is their local jewellery store or pawn shop. While they may indeed get your gold jewellery like necklaces, chains, bracelets, or rings, it is going to be for partial retail worth.

They should turn a profit so that is predicted but ensure you know how much your gold is worth before hand by getting one or two analyses first so you don't get ripped off. Generally, jewellery stores will give a more satisfactory price than a pawnshop, but that is not invariably the case. These two places are the best choice if you have well made in style or antique jewelry. Gold refiners and so on only give you money based essentially on the gold content of the piece. You must go here to work out a method to worth your gold. Reliant upon what the prevailing cost of gold is and how much gold content your jewellery contains, scrap gold dealers and gold refiners will pay you an amount between 75-90% of that number. The scrap gold dealers are typically middle men that sell to the gold refiners so if you can find a good refiner it is mostly best to sell to them instantly. You'll be able to find refiners online or you can try your local yellow pages.

The type of jewellery to sell to these fellows is damaged or seriously out of popularity items like heavy gold chains or class rings which cannot be resold simply. This is as they only pay you based absolutely on the gold content of every individual pieces rather than considering stuff like cultured price . Knowing the value of your gold before you despatch it to your gold customer of choice gives you the confidence to barter if you do not agree with their first valuation. Many postal gold firms won't give you any recommendation of the price they are going to offer you ( aside from the mandatory "we pay more" claims and guarantees ). Be in a position to barter with these folks, frequently the opening valuation isn't the maximum they are prepared to pay, they're simply chancing their arm so to talk. If you are not snug bartering stick to the companies that either display their costs on their site, or will give you an oral quotation before you send your gold off. You can always sell your scrap gold to a local consumer, a jeweller or pawnbroker as an example. It could be shrewd to give them a call before you start carting your property in town, they can indubitably give you a price per gram / oz that they'd be prepared to pay that you can compare with some of the better net services. If they are competitive you will get the added benefit of basically receiving money rather than waiting for a check or bank transfer.

Individuals should be cautious about where they sell their gold. The Better Business Bureau has reported that thousands of people across the nation have filed ripoff reports about firms who conned them or did not pay a fair market price for their gold. It is important to sell gold only to certificated, credible professionals. One of the finest resources for finding a reputable gold dealer is through the pro Numismatics Guild, a nonprofit organization composed of the world's top pros on coins and dear metals. These professionals are properly trained and ready to give people fair and convincing costs for their jewelry or coi. - 31405

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Coin Collectibles - 3 Tips to Know Which Are Worth Collecting

By Jon Datung

In every country, there are coins produced in large quantities and circulated to facilitate exchange. The government is the one that issues them to be used primarily as a form of money.

But more often than not, in some countries, when there's a transition in the government, there's also a transition in currency. As a result, coins issued in earlier years may just be a part of the country's history, but may not be used in the present.

Although these coins are no longer in use, their historical value still makes them one of the few items that people love to collect. And so, if you are among those who find coin collectibles as valuable items, then you must know the ins and outs in coin collecting.

Knowing a little about literature can help you a lot in determining what coins to get, where to get them, and how. This step is very critical especially if you are planning to invest in coin collectibles.

Now, once you find the coins that you researched on, you must be able to identify them according to their shapes, colors, and writing. Take your time in scrutinizing the items so you will know what specific country they came from. Also, check if the face of the coin has no denomination because that means it's not a coin, but simply a token or a medal.

Lastly, you should look at the coin's condition and value. Of course, a high quality coin is worth many times than a poor quality one. To evaluate a coin, you can look at these factors: 1. luster, 2. toning, 3. eye appeal or aesthetic interest, 4. scratches, blemishes, and dents on the rim and on the surface, and 5. level of details retained.

Coin collectibles are really something to treasure, especially if they are hard to find and are of limited issues. Keep these pointers in mind so you'll get the best out of the coin collectibles you find. - 31405

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Numis Network Review: Is Numis Network Really A Goldmine? Or Just Hype?

By Brandon Koon

Numis Network Review: So what is this Numis Network anyways? And does it stand a chance amongst all the other network marketing companies?

Because I have such a huge following online I am "pitched" a new opportunity almost daily. The good thing about this is that I get to look at a lot of different companies and dissect them to see what works and what doesn't online.

Numis Network is a company that sells numismatic silver and gold graded coins. Now, some of you are saying what the heck is a numismatic coin? I will get to that later. For now the important thing to know is that Numis is the first company to ever sell a product like this. They are literally pioneering a new category within the network marketing industry.

Right now there are 2 trends that are going on all around you and Numis Network is taking advantage of them both in a major way. The first trend that is exploding right now is the gold and silver industry. As long as you are alive then you would already know this. You can't even turn on the T.V. or the radio without hearing some kind of advertisement about gold or silver. The price of gold and silver is sky rocketing right now, and I don't think it plans on slowing down at all. One of the major reasons for this is because the value of the dollar is going down. The government keeps putting more an more money into the economy which makes the value of the dollar go down. The dollar bills you hold in your pocket are what are known as a fiat currency. Which basically means it is not "backed" by anything like it use to be. It is basically just paper and is only as good as what we make it. There really is no value in paper so it only has the value that we give it. The more paper money that the government puts into the economy makes the prices of gold and silver go up. It is basic economics. As you may know they do not plan on stopping this avalanche of paper money printing so the prices of gold and silver will continue to rise.

Most people think about bullion coins when they hear someone talking about gold and silver coins. Bullion coins are only worth the value of the metal content that is in them. Basically if you were to melt them down they would only be worth the silver and gold you could get out of them. Because they are based just off the value of the metal content they go up and down in price according to the current market price.

The other type of coin is more of a collectible and is known as a numismatic coin. This is the type of coin that you can keep and pass down to your grandchildren's children. The collecting of coins is what is known as the "hobby of kings" and is a huge market. Only now you don't have to be a king to collect silver and gold coins. The coin collecting industry is a lot bigger than you might think. It is a $10 billion dollar industry just within the U.S. and a $100 billion dollar industry worldwide. If you think about it you probably know someone who collects coins is some way shape or form. A lot of people will collect the state quarters or a specific year. And then there are others that take it more seriously and collect only the rarest of rare coins that are worth hundreds of thousands. One of the most collected coin is the American Silver Eagle. Which is Numis Network's primary product.

Numismatic coins are priced with 4 factors in mind. 1) precious metal content 2) rarity 3) collector demand 4) actual condition

The condition of the coin is what really weights heavily on the value of it. Just like in anything you collect the better condition it is in the more money it is worth. Well to keep everything universal these coins are graded on a scale from 1-70. 70 meaning the coin is in perfect condition, which will also bring the highest value. Numis Network only sells coins that have been graded mint state 70. So you always know you are only getting the best.

Numismatic coins historically have outperformed bullion coins. More specifically "perfect MS70" numismatic coins.

In times like these with economic stress the home based business industry always does very well. And that is the 2nd trend that Numis is taking advantage of right now. There has never been a time in history when more people have been looking for work. The unemployment rate is going up everyday. And it doesn't look like things are getting better.

Today is the day to take your financial future in to your own hands and have the life you deserve. Stop waiting around for the government to save the day. Because guess what? It's not going to happen. It is time to take your life back and have the type of money that you know you are really worth. If you think that having a job is security then you are dead wrong. There is nothing secure about having a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) you could be fired tomorrow when you walk in to work. You need to invest in yourself and take matters in to your own hands. When it comes right down to it you are the only one that can change your life. You need to invest in yourself and build a part time business until you can quit your day job. Once you are making more money at your part time business then you can quit your job. Once you do this you will never look back and will never want to work for someone else ever again.

Numis Network is taking advantage of some of the biggest trends that we have ever seen, which makes it the best home based business you could get involved with. This is the first time I have ever seen a business that has a product that everybody wants, everybody need more of it, and you can never have too much of it. Imagine having a safe full of gold and silver coins that you can pass down to generations. If you were ever going to sell something why not sell money? And if there was ever anything that you were going to collect why not collect MONEY? Real Money? Silver and Gold... - 31405

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Buy Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coins To Preserve Your Capital In These Turbulent Times

By Morris Danza

Many investors are guarded about buying intangibles. For example, if you typically buy stocks or bonds, or if you buy hedge or mutual funds, you'll often get just a portfolio statement proving you purchased them and how much they cost and maybe what the current value is; however, you don't ever get to touch this asset. This apprehension however, is unjustified when you buy solid, highly prized assets that will never lose their value entirely. To accomplish this, you only need to invest in Gold Maple Leaf coins.

In these dark economic times, more and more working people are looking at gold as a way to protect their wealth. Investing a portion of a well diversified investment portfolio in precious metals such as silver and gold may act as a hedge against inflation. Tangible assets are normally not as susceptible to the same gyrations as the bond and stockmarkets. By and large, gold is not correlated to the stock- or bondmarkets. A portfolio of gold coins might add value and stability to a diversified investment portfolio.

There are many benefits to investing in gold coins. A gold coin won't lose value as much as other investments can do from time to time. You will always have a bullion coin to look at.

Buying one ounce of gold coins is one of the best methods to buy gold. The older the gold coin generally the more numismatic value it will accumulate, if it is maintained in a good condition.

Gold bullion coins aren't necessarily meant to be traded swiftly as gold sharesare.They are meant to retain your fortune. If you can afford them, buy them in bulk to get a better return on investment.

Are Canadian Canadian Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins easy to buy? Yes, they are. You can acquire them at pawn shops and local coin dealers The price does, however, change from one retailer to the next, so shop around and do some internet research before giong on a Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin buying spree.

Just remember to handle them with care, store them in a safe place, and your fortune will be preserved, especially in turbulent times, by one of the best wealth retaining assets.

One final benefit of accumulating gold coins is its ease to sell. Gold coins are one of the easiest assets to sell. The reason why gold bullion coins are easy to sell is gold bullion coins and gold bullion bars usually have a standard purity and weight stamped on it. If a buyer is not too familiar with a coin, they can tell what purity and how much gold they are investing in. Buying gold bullion coins has its benefits; some of these benefits are hard to find in alternative assets. These reasons are what makes gold bullion coins among the best assets out there.

Gold has already risen in price substantially over the last few years. This is nothing compared to the rise the insiders are predicting will occur over the next few years. Don't miss the boat. Get in now before it's too late. - 31405

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